1.  Assessment

Do you know which social media platforms are right for your business?  Are your sites optimized them in accordance with industry best practices and current trends?

We begin at the beginning with a fact-finding session to answer these questions and discover your needs and preferences.  We’ll ask about your goals, target audience, what social media sites you’re currently using, and assess how comfortable and knowledgeable you are about social media marketing.  We’ll audit your sites and determine if your website and blog are search engine optimized.


2.  Listening

Do you know where your ideal customer hangs out online?  Are you aware of what people are saying about your brand?   Would you like to know more about your biggest competitor’s online marketing efforts?

We will employ a variety of metrics and analytics on your behalf to find answer to these questions and share our insights with you.


3.   Set Up

Are you happy with the way your social media sites look?  Are your profiles consistent across platforms?  Are they branded?  Do you need custom apps installed?

Our graphic designers create custom templates for your social media platforms, thereby ensuring that your look is branded, unique and consistent across your sites.   We’ll also integrate your social media into your blog and website, if needed, as well as recommend and install apps, plug-ins and widgets to make your social media marketing easier and more effective.


4.  Content Creation

Do you know what types of content will appeal to your customers?   Do you have the time and ability to create it?   Do you have a social media policy?  Do you need one?

In order to attract and retain your audience, you have to do more than throw out a status updates or a tweet or pin.  You need to have custom content that resonates with them.  We can help you craft key messages, create unique content, and explain how to use it to engage with and grow your followers.  We typically recommend a mix of organic and paid promotions to maximize reach and help drive results, as social media  takes time and consistent effort.


5.   Management

Do you have the time to post your content to your sites several times throughout the day?  Will you be able to respond to questions or comments posted by your fans and followers?   Do you want to?

We create an editorial calendar to schedule when your content will be shared, we’ll share it at the right time for your particular community and respond to your customers’ replies and comments.


6.  Monitoring

Do you know how to measure your progress?  Do you have the right analytics in place and do you know how to read the reports?

Each month we’ll send you a monthly report detailing your progress.   The numbers can be sliced and diced many ways.  We’ll help you make sense of the reports and schedule a half-hour phone call to discuss the findings.